Recently, it has been noted among both the patients and practitioners of integrative medicines who are identifying the perks of IV therapy that help them deal with numerous medical issues. Myers cocktail IV therapy is one such option that can help deliver a blend of important vitamins and essential nutrients to fill up the deficient gap in patients. It has been noted that numerous medical issues respond positively to this type of therapeutic solution.

Reportedly, the global market size of intravenous hydration therapy was projected to be $2.35 billion in 2022, and it is forecasted to reach around $5.07 billion by 2032, subject to growth at the rate of 7.99% between 2023 to 2032.

Myers cocktail IV therapy, which is also known as intravenous micronutrient therapy and hydration therapy, is the mode of delivering a higher concentration of minerals and vitamins right into the bloodstream of the individual who is getting administered. It enables the quick absorption of greater doses of vitamins and minerals that the individual generally derives out of supplements and food.

What is a Myers Cocktail Infusion?

The term Myers cocktail is generally after Dr. John Myers, a Maryland doctor who had generally turned their focus to micronutrient infusion therapies at the beginning of the 1960s. It helped patients gain better control of their chronic conditions. The doctor then found that it was enhanced and rich in resources that offered his patients the nutrients they needed to remain in healthy conditions.

Even today, the composition of Myers cocktail infusion mainly remains the same, including:

  • Vitamin C boosts the antioxidants of the body and even the immune system
  • Vitamin B plays a critical role in boosting energy levels, cell metabolism, and brain functionality
  • Magnesium is dedicated to the health of the bone and the absorption of calcium
  • Calcium for heart and bone health

The Benefits of Myers Cocktail Infusion

Boosts Energy Levels

One of the key perks of the Myers cocktail IV therapy is its ability to boost the body’s energy levels. The vitamin B present in this cocktail is the key to helping the body generate energy. It aids the body in converting food into energy, which helps ward off fatigue and enhances overall energy levels.

The mixture also consists of magnesium, which is the key to helping in the functionality of the muscle and the production of energy. Magnesium is mainly involved in more than 300 biochemical reactions within the body, including the main energy source, the production of ATP.

Supports Immune System Function

The other perk of this cocktail infusion is that it helps in supporting immune functionality. Higher levels of vitamin C are delivered to the body, which serves as the potential antioxidant, supporting the functionality of the immune system. When delivered through IV therapy, vitamin C acts to boost the ability of the immune system to ward off illnesses and infections.

Zinc is also present in this cocktail, and it is vital to boost the immune system’s functionality. It helps activate immune cells and is also responsible for producing antibodies.

Management of Stress

Chronic stress can impact your entire well-being, and several adults have reported chronic life and work-related stress. Magnesium works as a calming mineral that helps to relax muscles and minimize stress levels.

Magnesium is also responsible for producing neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which are essential for boosting mood. It not only helps reduce stress but also fights anxiety, which makes you feel good.

Reduce Inflammation

Chronic inflammation causes numerous health-related issues, such as heart disease and arthritis. The nutrient mixture in Myers’ cocktail has anti-inflammatory properties that help minimize inflammation throughout the body.

Vitamin C is a potential antioxidant that helps calm inflammation by neutralizing the body’s free radicals. Magnesium also has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation in joints and muscles.

Myers Cocktail IV Therapy

When you search for Myers Cocktail IV near me, the meaning suggests it is the intravenous vitamin and mineral infusion mainly used for boosting overall health. It generally comprises a blend of minerals and vitamins such as calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, and various other essential nutrients.

Let us now check out how it gets administered.

Medical Assessment

Before Myers’ Cocktail is administered, a medical evaluation is conducted to determine whether the patient is ready for the treatment. It comprises checking the patient’s medical history, discussing any prevailing health conditions, and performing a physical diagnosis.


The healthcare professional will prepare the solution that combines the right vitamins, additives, and minerals, as noted in the prescribed formula. Generally, the solution is mixed into a single-use, sterile IV bottle or bag. The patient is then positioned accordingly in bed or a recliner. After this, the patient’s arm is sterilized with an antiseptic solution and prepared for insertion.


Throughout this IV therapy, the patient is checked for vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation, to ensure their safety and detect any possible complications.


The IV infusion normally varies on the basis of the distinctive protocols and the needs of the patient. It can range from 30 minutes to an hour; however, certain cases may take a longer time.

Post Treatment Assessment

After the completion of the IV administration, the healthcare provider might evaluate the patient for any side reactions of immediate effect. They will also offer instructions and proper care to be taken after the completion of the treatment like consuming water or taking proper rest.

Pricing of Myers Cocktail IV

The Myers Cocktail IV price depends on various factors, such as the kind of treatment you choose and the therapy provider.

Type of Myers Cocktail

The cost of the therapy varies depending on factors like the dosage and the ingredients used. A few of the Myers’ Cocktails might include just the fundamental nutrients and prove cheaper. The cost here is between $125 and $170.

Additionally, the dosage of minerals and nutrients used in the Myers Cocktail for average individuals ranges between $170 to $250. Although there are huge gaps between the costs involved, however may requests for the costly variant of this cocktail. This is the reason why several IV therapy providers have their packages designed.

Finally, there are IV therapies with a $300 price tag. These are normally sold under terms like Ultra Myers Cocktail or something identical.


The price factor for Myers Cocktail IV therapy even depends on the provider, as not all providers charge the same price for administering this therapy.

The cost of this IV therapy even depends on the service area where the provider is established, as the prices can be high in places where the need for this therapy is greater.

Generally, the provider will even scale the time required for administering the Myers Cocktail in the costs involved. If you need higher dosages, then the nurse would need more time to administer the IV, and therefore, the costs would be higher.

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In addition to targeting and addressing distinctive issues, clients opt for Myers cocktail IV therapy for their overall health and well-being. This IV infusion is the most effective treatment for people undergoing extreme stress or fatigue or who aim to feel their best health.


What are the primary Myers Cocktail ingredients?

The Myers Cocktail IV infusion consists of a mix of various nutrients and essential vitamins, such as hydroxyl B12, magnesium chloride, B complex vitamins, and more.

How long does Myers Cocktail IV therapy take to be administered?

Initially, the patients are administered, and their medical histories are evaluated. After completing the right health assessments, the Myers Cocktail is administered, and the total duration is between 30 minutes and an hour. However, in a few distinctive cases, it might involve more time.

What is the Myers Cocktail price?

The cost involved with the Myers Cocktail treatment can start anywhere around $125 and might rise on the basis of the needs of the patient. For more updates on the pricing system, you should connect with the service provider.

Who should consider Myers Cocktail IV treatments?

Typically, this IV infusion therapy is advised for adults dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, asthmatic attacks, allergies, or any other chronic medical conditions.

Where can I get a Myers Cocktail drip?

Viva Therapy is the ideal clinic for IV therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our personalized clinic specializes in numerous IV infusion therapies. It is technologically upgraded and designed to meet patient comfort so that patients are completely relaxed and stress-free while the therapy is administered.

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