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History of Viva IV Therapy

Viva IV Therapy was an idea created by Dr. Jerome J. Cordova, a critical care physician who felt there was a gap in accessible and affordable health care. The idea was created in 2016 when he realized the long waits and expensive costs of patients presenting to the emergency room or urgent care for simple medical problems.

Urgent cares lacked the use of IV therapy and the use of a variety of common immediate treatments for common medical issues. Emergency rooms had long waits and excessive costs associated with them for simple medical problems. He also noticed that a variety of other IV companies were using uncommon naturopathic treatments that simply didn’t work. So he decided to create a comprehensive list of services that could be offered at an affordable price and incorporate the spa like environment of this medical care along with entertainment.

In 2017, he embarked on launching Viva IV Therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona where he resides. His goal was to help modernize medicine and help patients comprehensively by utilizing key treatments including IV Therapy, Oral and Injectable medications, Virtual Urgent Care and other medical therapies to help people outside the standard clinics, hospitals, and emergency room.

His first priority is always the patient. If you ever meet, Dr. Cordova, you will immediately realize his compassion, empathy, respect and diligence to patients. The goal of Viva IV Therapy is to help people. That is out #1 priority. IV Therapy has grown to be one of the best medical treatment centers in Scottsdale Arizona with an emphasis on the patient.

Jerome J. Cordova M.D. 

Originally from a town called Truchas, New Mexico. He graduated high school while taking college classes during that time. He Graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from the University of New Mexico on scholarship. He then embarked in Masters research in biomedical engineering. He then embarked on medical school and graduated from the University of New Mexico receiving his medical degree.

After medical school he completed residency at the university of New Mexico and went on to his first job in Indianapolis Indiana. He worked for Indiana Heart Physicians of Indiana as a cardiology hospitalist and Worked in Emergency Medicine for 7 years. It was during this time that he created the idea of Viva IV Therapy in 2017 as he saw a gap in medical care.

He then embarked on a journey to transform health care. In 2019, the covid pandemic hit and he helped fill the gap in covid testing by also creating a company called SameDay Covid Test which helped people get tested for covid during a time of extreme need. Today, Dr. Cordova does critical care in Arizona and provides care at Viva IV Therapy.  He is also the medical director for other companies including New Youth Aesthetics and Timeless injections.

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