In its initial phases, the administration of IV therapy was restricted only to hospitals. These days, several health-conscious individuals globally enjoy IV vitamin therapy. It is normally used to derive the much-needed vitamins, minerals, medications, or vitamins to help you feel better and perform the best.

Reportedly, 92% of US citizens face mineral or vitamin deficiency. Do you often feel tired at all times? Does it make it tough to focus at work? If this is the scenario, then your body may lack the minerals and vitamins required to perform optimally. IV fusion therapy is the best way to fulfill the body of its nutrients with a 100% rate of absorption.

There are several perks related to IV therapy whenever the subject revolves around wellness and health. It helps in filling the gap with the massive range of supplements and vitamins available. Let us find out the various reasons why individuals should choose IV therapy.

What Is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is related to the treatment of administering intravenous medications right into the veins. The medical experts generally insert the needle into the vein of the hand or arm. A tube will connect the needle to the IV bag that holds the medication, enabling the right solution to IV drip vitamins right into the bloodstream.

The infusion vitamins IV offers you instant results since you need not wait for the medication to absorb into the bloodstream. It includes subcutaneous injections or pills. The infusions last about 30 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the IV medication.

Benefits Of IV Therapy

Several benefits are leaving a positive impact on this IV therapy. The benefits rely on numerous factors, including the condition for which the therapy is performed, the health condition of the individual, methodologies used, frequency, and for how long the therapy was performed. The following are a couple of vitamin therapy benefits:

Benefit 1: Hydration

Suppose you are in search of the proper hydration of your body after consuming greater levels of alcohol, performing heavier exercises, persistent vomiting, or diarrhea. Implementing the IV therapy formula enriched with antioxidants and vitamins is the ideal way to restore hydration. The post and pre-performance hydration normally helps prevent heat exhaustion and boosts hydration levels for athletes performing under hot weather conditions.

IV vitamin therapy can help you avoid any unpleasant conditions if the disease or other factors lead to the risk of serious dehydration. Additionally, using this therapy for rehydrating your body helps in fighting jet lag or exhaustion. If you are in search of the right hangover cure, then at Viva Therapy, we can help you regain your vitality and strength immediately.

Benefit 2: Nutrient Absorption

The real aim of the benefits of IV vitamin therapy is to deliver the right amount of nutrients right into your bloodstream. It is in this way that the nutrients do not connect with your digestive enzymes, which normally happens whenever you are ingesting food or supplements.

The digestive enzymes break down the supplements and foods, preventing your body right from absorbing nutrients. In this process, your body starts to absorb about half of the nutrients with the rest of which gets excreted out of your urine.

Nonetheless, whenever the vitamins are delivered right into your bloodstream with the help of IV vitamin therapy, your body starts to absorb about 90% of the nutrients available, bypassing the digestive enzymes.

Benefit 3: Immune System Boost

IV vitamin therapy is the ideal way to help boost your immune system and also assist you in fighting chronic diseases and viral infections. The common formulation primarily used in IV therapy is known as the Myers cocktail. The blend was named after John Myers, MD, pioneering the use of IV nutritional medicines. The primary ingredients behind this formulation are B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and Vitamin C.

Myers cocktail offers instant relief from numerous conditions like fibromyalgia, fatigue, stress, muscle aches, migraines, depression, acute asthma attacks, and allergies. IV therapy is specifically beneficial if you experience a few of the conditions and fail to swallow digestive food or vitamin pills appropriately.

Benefit 4: Energy Enhancement

There are around 10% of Americans need more minerals and vitamins like iron and vitamins C, D, B6, and B12. There are a couple of factors behind this deficiency, including following a bad diet, improper absorption, or higher levels of stress. These factors lead to fatigue, less overall energy, and an immune system.

If you are facing the same level of stress and constantly feel like you are not functioning at the right level, IV vitamin therapy is the best option. It will help boost the amount of nutrients delivered into the bloodstream of an administered individual. The outcome makes you feel more energetic and filled with vitality and life.

Benefit 5: Pain Relief

IV therapy is the potential remedy for treating numerous types of chronic pain. For example, if your pain is related to inflammation, you can choose IV therapy, including ingredients such as antioxidant glutathione. The benefits of vitamin C IV infusion are that it enhances your immune system, helps in treating the affected areas, and reduces inflammation of any kind. If you are undergoing any muscular damage, then magnesium gets added to the mix of vitamins, prompting muscle healing and regrowth.

IB therapy has attained a lot of fame due to the reality that it is an extremely effective treatment without leading to the risk of addiction connected to any pain medications. There is no risk of any time when you need vitamin IV drips or require higher dosage amounts. The blend of vitamins treats numerous kinds of chronic pain irrespective of whether it is an outcome of an injury, a chronic disease, nervous system dysfunctioning, or an autoimmune disorder.


IV vitamin therapy is considered the seamless treatment option offering better nourishment and health to both your mind and body. It can help in maintaining and regaining health and strength. There are numerous perks associated with the IV therapy. If you plan to get this therapy performed then it is important to make an appointment with the right healthcare provider conveying the concerns and avail the appropriate and well-thorough information.

It is time to give your body the attention it requires with experiences leading to endless perks associated with IV vitamin therapy. At Viva Therapy, we can help. Book online, or call us to schedule your IV therapy today!